moka sweets establishment

At alow temperature we treat it gently, in special pots we mix it lovingly, with rich ingredients we create it creatively and with the originality of the Dutch land we bring it to you.

Moka Sweets Bakery make their first dough in 1991, and since then, it became a place for sweet lovers.


Until now, and for more than 24 successful years, in each sunrise we work hard to give you the same excellent quality of variety of products that you'v always loved.

Moka shared the best memories with you,those memories that you can't forget. As we bring all types of sweets and pastries for your special occasions, and we always wish that all of your days stay full of happiness with Moka

If you are just curious to know some of the secrets behind our recipes, then let us confess that we make our cream with more love and lots of caring.


Moka opened its doors for sweet lovers in 1991,starting from its main branch in Haddah Street ,Sana’a.

Moka gained wide reputation and won people's trustin no time, which required expansions to accommodate the growth of producing and to be able to meet all customer’s desires in time and with best quality

The ambition for expansion and opening new branches did not stop,and it’s not limited to Sana’a. It will include more locations in more than one city,to stay close to all our customers and fans.


"Moka" is the English translation of the word"Makha" -but in different spelling- and who does not know Al-Makha , a small city on the Red Sea coast that has been one of the most important ports of Yemen, and one of the most important commercial centers during the rule of the Ottoman Empire at the time, Where the port reached the highest of its prosperity in the 7th century, that was the day when the Yemeni coffee "Mocha"was the most important commodity exported to the whole world.

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